The Imaging Center

4447 Talmadge Rd Suite H Toledo, OH 43623
Phone: (888) MRI-TOLEDO (674-8653) | Fax: (888) 674-8650

The Imaging Center
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The Imaging Center has been providing exceptional state-of-the-art Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Magnetic Resonance Angiography (MRA) in our freestanding fixed outpatient TOLEDO diagnostic center since, November, 2006. The Imaging Center is accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR).

We are pleased to make available to you The MAGNETOM Espree by Siemens. The world's first OPEN bore 1.5 Tesla (1.5T) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system with Tim (Total imaging matrix) technology.

The MAGNETOM Espree system is the shortest 1.5T MRI bore available, at 125 cm (approximately four feet), allowing for more than 60 percent of exams to be completed with the patient's head outside of the bore, which eases issues of claustrophobia. With a bore opening of 70 cm. (nearly 2.3 feet) in diameter and the average distance between a patient's head and the MRI magnet at almost one foot, the MAGNETOM Espree is the only 1.5 T MRI system to also provide enough room for larger patients, with a weight capacity of 550lbs. Tim coils are very light, making them easy to position and tolerate when scanning larger patients.

Music headphones are available and can be used by patient's during most MRI scans. Patient's can even listen to there own CD.

Our Radiologists (physicians interpreting your MRI) are all Board Certified, specializing in Neuro, Orthopedic, Breast and Musculosketal Radiology. The entire technical staff performing your MRI scans are ARRT registered and maintain MR certifications in one or more categories of Radiology. Together, our team of Physicians and Technologists possess many years or experience and expertise.

We have a full time nursing staff of Board Certified Registered Nurses. These nurses obtain medical histories on referred patients to better evaluate and fully understand the conditions and symptoms before as well as during examinations.

We specialize in SAME or NEXT DAY PATIENT APPOINTMENTS and verbal, fax or email results to all referring physicians. Verification is made to any and all insurance companies for coverage and pre-certification prior to services.

We are OPEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK for patient scheduling and have convenient free designated patient parking. Complimentary transportation is provided for those patients that do not have the ability to provide their own transportation. Each patient receives a complimentary CD of their study and there is no charge upon request from a physician for copies of their patients' films.

Although Breast MRI's are done at our Toledo location, appointments are arranged through our registered nurses in our Madison Heights facility. Please call the Breast Imaging Department at (888) MRI-TODAY (674-8632) or (248) 585-5115.

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Siemens MAGNETOM Espree 1.5T OPEN Bore MR Unit

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